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Charity Details

Licence Number:CCP36
Expiry Date:31/12/2014
Licence Status:Current
Licence Class:SECTION 6 & 7
Charity Name:Royal South Australian Deaf Society Inc
Trading Name:Deaf CanDo
Trustee Name:
Contact:Rebecca Young
262 South Tce
08 8298 0930
Title of Appeal:
Charitable Purposes:- The affording of relief to diseased, disabled, sick, infirm, incurable, poor, destitute, helpless, or unemployed persons, or to the dependents of any such persons
Statement Period: 1 July To 30 June each year
Statement Due Date: 31 October each year

Income & Expenditure Statements

Return No.Return TypeStatement Period
Statement Period
IncomeExpenditureAvailable for Charitable PurposesAmount distributed for charitable purposes for the financial year
Awaiting StatementSection 61/07/201330/06/2014
Awaiting StatementSection 71/07/201330/06/2014
View Statement10Section 61/07/201130/06/2012$1,146,503.00$596,491.00$550,012.00$405,468.00
View Statement9Section 71/07/201130/06/2012$198,828.00$108,918.00$89,910.00$66,281.00
View Statement8Section 61/07/201030/06/2011$920,306.00$795,357.00$124,949.00$70,867.00
View Statement7Section 71/07/201030/06/2011$189,954.00$77,391.00$112,563.00$63,843.00
View Statement6Section 61/07/200930/06/2010$1,105,812.00$566,946.00$538,866.00$372,590.00
View Statement5Section 71/07/200930/06/2010$142,033.00$17,866.00$124,167.00$81,788.00
View Statement4Section 61/07/200830/06/2009$1,815,087.00$1,511,336.00$303,751.00$303,751.00
View Statement3Section 71/07/200830/06/2009$194,855.00$63,932.00$130,923.00$130,923.00
View Statement2Section 61/07/200730/06/2008$1,139,830.29$695,489.18$444,341.11Information not requested from licensees for this period
View Statement1Section 71/07/200730/06/2008$118,109.47$38,782.06$79,327.41Information not requested from licensees for this period

Audited Accounts

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