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Current Charity Licences

The search facility allows users to search for a licensee by any key word or by a licence number (eg: 1234)

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Charity Licences


Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal
CCP1487Habitat for Humanity Australia
CCP1328Habitat For Humanity Australia SA
CCP1739Hae Australasia LtdHae Australasia Ltd
CCP1723Half The Sky Foundation Australia LimitedHalf The Sky Foundation Australia Ltd
CCP1088Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited
CCP1911Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Limited
CCP1438Hare Krishna Food for Life Inc (SA)ISKCON Caring for Life
CCP1634Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation LtdHeadspace
CCP1150Health And Development Aid Abroad - Australia Fund Inc
CCP1119Hear And Say - Centre For Deaf Children Limited
CCP1969Hearing Care Industry Association
CCP1291Heart Kids of SA Inc
CCP1794Heart Research Australia
CCP2009Heart Research CentreHeart Research Centre
CCP57Heartbeat Inc.
CCP1778HeartKids Australia Inc
CCP1153Hearts Of Hope Australia Limited
CCP2230Help and Nurture Developing Societies Hands Incorporated
CCP2268Help Cambodia Australia IncHelp Cambodia Australia Inc
CCP2012Help Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) IncHelp Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) Inc
CCP1668Help Save The Furry OnesHelp Save The Furry OnesNicole Hocking
CCP449Helping Hand Aged Care Inc
CCP956Hepatitis SA Inc
CCP2099Himalayan Development Foundation Australia Inc
CCP2092HIV/AIDS Legal Centre IncorporatedSurry Hills Legal Centre
CCP2155Hollys Rescue for Senior DogsHollys Rescue for Senior Dogs
CCP1395Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation IncShades 4 Aids Day
CCP2129Hope For Life Animal RescueHope For Life Animal Rescue
CCP1991Hope of Congo Inc.
CCP1420HSP Research Foundation Inc
CCP1959Human & Hope Association IncHuman & Hope Association Inc
CCP2001Human Appeal International Australia LimitedHuman Appeal International Australia
CCP2151Hunter Medical Research Institute
CCP864Hutt Street Centre LtdHutt Street Centre

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