Expired and Revoked Charity Licences

127 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal Expiry Date
CCP1566Cambodian Children's Fund Australia Trust FundCambodian Children's Fund Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1227Cambodian Orphanage Fund Inc31/12/2009
CCP1478Camp Autism Inc30/06/2011
CCP2243Camp Gallipoli Foundation IncCamp Gallipoli31/12/2016
CCP767Camp Quality Limited05/12/2016
CCP1506Campbell Page Limited31/12/2015
CCP972Cancer & Bowel Research TrustCancer & Bowel Research Association Inc30/04/2010
CCP1660Cancer & Bowel Research Trust (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Trust (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Association (SA) Inc30/09/2012
CCP696Cancer Care Centre Inc14/12/2016
CCP1987Cancer Council Australia.Cancer Council Australia31/12/2015
CCP1732Cancer Five Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1674Cancer Patients Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1499Cancer Voices South Australia Inc31/12/2011
CCP1437Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.30/09/2016
CCP1437Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.National Bandanna Day30/09/2013
CCP727Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.30/09/2009
CCP1773Captain Courageous Children's Medical Research Foundation LtdCaptain Courageous Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1737Care 4 Kids Foundation of Australia Limited31/12/2013
CCP749Care Australia31/12/2016
CCP1045Caredirect Inc30/06/2015
CCP1643Careflight Limited31/10/2017
CCP1708Carelinks South Sudan IncCarelinks South Sudan 31/12/2015
CCP1835Careship CoorongCareship Coorong30/06/2014
CCP2025Caring 4 ASD LimitedCaring 4 ASD Limited31/12/2016
CCP393Carols By Candlelight (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1130Carry For Kids Inc31/12/2016
CCP1130Carry For Kids Inc31/12/2011
CCP1090Catherine House TrustCatherine House Inc07/12/2016
CCP25Catholic Diocesan Charities AppealCatholic CharitiesCatholic Charities Annual Golf Day and Direct Mail Appeals04/05/2017
CCP102Catholic Special Schools IncSt Ann's Special School and St Patrick's Special School30/06/2012
CCP1942CBA Staff Community Fund LtdThe Trustee For Commonwealth Bank Staff Community31/12/2016
CCP741CBM Australia31/05/2017
CCP2159CCSVI Australia IncorporatedCCSVI Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1939CDH AustraliaCDH Australia31/12/2014
CCP966Centacare Catholic Family Services31/12/2008
CCP966Centacare Catholic Family ServicesKokoda Track Fundraising and Hilton Absel Challenge31/12/2011
CCP1518Centenary Institute Medical Research FoundationCentenary Institute30/06/2017
CCP92Central Adelaide Local Health NetworkRoyal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund31/12/2021
CCP92Central Adelaide Local Health NetworkRoyal Adelaide Hospital Research FundRAH Research Institute31/12/2016
CCP1777Central Domestic Violence ServiceCentral Domestic Violence Service31/12/2016
CCP2005Centre of Perinatal Excellence LtdCentre of Perinatal Excellence Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2122Cerebral Palsy Alliance31/12/2016
CCP2182CFC Ancop Australia Ltd30/06/2016
CCP1604Chain Reaction Challenge FoundationChain Reaction Challenge Pty LtdUltimate Corporate Bike Challenge31/12/2016
CCP1209Challenge Cancer Support Network Inc31/12/2016
CCP1209Challenge Cancer Support Network IncThe Biggest Aussie Pie Night31/12/2011
CCP2279Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1681Chariots for Charity IncorporatedChariots for Charity31/12/2012
CCP1698Chartered Accountants Necessitors Cirmcumstances FundChartered Accountants Necessitors Cirmcumstances FundChartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation Limited13/12/2016
CCP2400Checkpoint Organisation LtdCheckpoint Organisation Checkpoint Organisation Ltd30/03/2017
CCP664Child Fund Australia LtdChild Fund Australia31/12/2015
CCP2049Child Wise LtdChild Wise Limited31/12/2016
CCP86Childhood Cancer Association IncHairlarious Day, Ultimate Pie Challenge30/06/2017
CCP1205Children Australia Inc Oz Child31/12/2016
CCP1205Children Australia Inc Oz Child31/12/2014
CCP1509Children First FoundationMiracle Smiles Program31/12/2011
CCP1010Childrens Cancer Institute Australia For Medical ResearchChildrens Cancer Institute AustraliaGold Ribbon Day21/04/2017
CCP1232Childrens Food Education FoundationThe Big FeedThe Big Feed31/12/2014
CCP2364Childrens Hospital Foundation QueenslandChildrens Hospital Foundation02/12/2016
CCP2163Childrens Hospital Foundations Australia31/12/2016
CCP1967Childrens Leukaemia Cancer Research Foundation IncChildrens Leukaemia Cancer Research Foundation Inc01/12/2016
CCP826Children's Medical Research InstituteJeans for Genes Day30/06/2017
CCP1433Childrens Promise Childrens Promise Limited31/12/2013
CCP1433Childrens Promise Childrens Promise LimitedGive an Hour Change the Future31/12/2011
CCP1393Childrens Rights Education & Welfare IncCharity Garage Sale31/12/2011
CCP3984Children's Tumour Foundation of AustraliaNF Australia31/12/2099
CCP1726Childs Vision Pty LtdChilds Vision31/12/2014
CCP2407Chillax4Charity LimitedChillax$Charity 24 Hour Challenge05/01/2017
CCP3968China Matters Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2272Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund Asia Pacific Limited31/12/2016
CCP1406Christians Against Poverty (Australia) Ltd30/06/2016
CCP1463Christina Noble Childrens Foundation Inc30/06/2016
CCP848Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Of Australia Inc31/12/2008
CCP58Churches Of Christ In SA & NT Community Care IncCare Work SA 31/12/2016
CCP2388Cini Australia31/12/2016
CCP2231Circle of Friends Australia IncorporatedCircle of Friends Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1982Citizen Advocacy South Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP4067Climate Council of Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1685Codys Angel Heart Foundation IncorporatedCodys Angel Heart Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1994Coeliac Society of South Australia IncCoeliac South Australia and Northern Territory31/12/2016
CCP1787COME Uganda Incorporated10/04/2017
CCP983Comic Relief Australia31/12/2007
CCP1542Common Ground Adelaide Limited31/12/2016
CCP1308Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund31/12/2014
CCP1286Community Accommodation and Respite Agency IncCara Inc31/12/2016
CCP1512Community Action For People with Disabilities in Africa IncorporatedCAPDA31/12/2016
CCP2971Community Broadcasting Foundation Limited23/06/2017
CCP1108Community Enterprise FoundationSandhurst Trustees Ltd07/12/2016
CCP1175Community Lifestyles Inc31/12/2015
CCP1083Community Living And Support Services (CLASS) Inc31/12/2007
CCP1864Community Placement Network Assistance TrustDavid Kelly & David Krolikowski31/12/2013
CCP1161Compassion Australia31/12/2016
CCP1627Compassionate Hearts Foundation IncorporatedCompassionate Hearts Foundation31/12/2011
CCP1320Connect 3 Foundation Ltd31/12/2009
CCP2029Connect2Group Inc31/12/2015
CCP2576Connecting Up IncConnecting Up Inc23/06/2017
CCP2187Conservation United LimitedConservation United09/12/2016
CCP816Convent of Mercy Adelaide Inc31/12/2007
CCP1199Coopers Brewery Foundation IncThe Trustee for Coopers Brewery Foundation Inc Trust12/12/2016
CCP392Cora Barclay Centre IncLoud Shirt Day, City to Bay Fun Run, Pre-Christmas Appeal and End of Tax Year Appeal05/12/2016
CCP4064Corethics Limited31/12/2099
CCP688Council On The Ageing (SA) IncCota (SA)31/12/2016
CCP3900Country Education Foundation of Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP680Country Fire Service Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1249Country Life Community Care Inc30/06/2014
CCP1248Country Life Compassion Inc30/06/2015
CCP1248Country Life Compassion Inc31/12/2016
CCP1536Country North Community Services IncSA Country Carers01/12/2016
CCP1989Courtney's Journey with Romberg's31/12/2015
CCP2042Cows for Cambodia LimitedCows for Cambodia Limited31/12/2016
CCP2404Crana Plus IncCrana Plus24/08/2016
CCP1350Create Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP3972CREATE Foundation LimitedCREATE Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1221Credit Union Foundation Australia Pty Ltd01/12/2016
CCP1221Credit Union Foundation Australia Pty Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1995Crohns Coutis Cure31/12/2015
CCP2074Cromwell Property Group FoundationCromwell Property Group Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1756Cure Brain Cancer FoundationCure Brain Cancer Foundation31/12/2017
CCP932Cure Cancer Australia Foundation30/06/2017
CCP2269Cure For MND Foundation IncCure For MND Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2088Cure Kids Limited31/12/2016
CCP1609Cure4CF Foundation LimitedCure4CF Foundation13/12/2016
CCP683Cystic Fibrosis SA Inc30/09/2008
CCP683Cystic Fibrosis SA IncAnnual Appeal30/06/2017